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insulation resources

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Australian Greenhouse Office

pdf Insulation installation (607 KB)

Insulation Council of Australia and NZ

link Timber floors, no worries Jul 2006
link Studies highlight cost-effective measures to achieve energy efficiency Feb 2007

other organisations

link Aluminium Foil Insulation Association
link Australian Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association
link Australia Dust Removalists Association  (who also install new insulation to roof spaces)
link Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand
link Polyester Insulation Manufacturers Association

insulation manufacturer links

link CSR Bradford Insulation
link Fletcher Insulation
link Concertina Foil
link Aircell
link Polyair
link Expol polystyrene insulation
link Foilboard Insulation panels
link Insulfoam Solutions
link EcoFoam

Note: WPV supplies the above links as a service to users and does not promote or support any one method or product over another. Manufacturers should be contacted for advice on the most suitable products and installation methods for the application required.