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Insulation is one of the key components for effective 6 Star design. Insulation to roof, ceiling, walls (internal and external) and floor all help improve 6 Star operational energy rating. The best approach is to first maximise ceiling and wall insulation then investigate the most effective window options, and then if needed consider floor insulation.

reflective roof foil

Adding reflective roof foil can make a difference of around 0.17 star in temperate climates and .08 in cool climate zones.

ceiling insulation

As an example of how effective extra insulation can be to achieve a 6 Star rating, by simply increasing ceiling insulation to R4.0 means for very little extra, the rating total grows by .13 from the typical insulation installation of R3.0.

And a tip: Care needs to be taken when installing down lights that create a gap in the ceiling insulation. There are products available to limit heat loss as they prevent bulk insulation coming in contact with the downlights.  » View information on eco lighting products (opens a new window/tab)

wall insulation

Maximise wall insulation. Use the highest R value available (R2.0 minimum). In alpine regions consider utilising deeper studs to take advantage of increasing the wall insulation levels if bulk insulation is your preferred option.

inter-zone insulation

FirstRate5 now allows for the assessment of inter-zonal insulation. Acoustic and energy rating benefits can be combined by providing an increase, or some, inter-zone insulation – a bulk insulation product will increase the mass of the wall, hence providing some extra measure of reduction in sound transference.

A stone block or cladding internal wall may provide extra insulation, thermal mass and a paint-free and attractive wall too.

In two storey homes consider adding insulation to the ceiling of the first floor. This will also improve the score cheaply and will also assist with noise control.

inter-zone insulation
insulating the ceiling between
the ground and first floors

floor insulation

Adding insulation to the floor can provide FirstRate5 increases of approx 0.6 Stars in cool regions. Then floor coverings such as carpet and underlay will also add to the score.

Possible floor insulation approaches include bulk insulation, foil insulation, cellular foil laminates, expanded polystyrene or sprayed foam.

Reputable insulation manufacturers can advise on the most suitable products and installation methods for under-floor insulation.

» Further information on insulation and reaching 6 Star

floor insulation
comfort and warmth of a real timber floor

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