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6 Star efficiency

A key feature of the Victorian Government environmental policy, the 6 Star energy rating for new homes aims to help save our limited energy and water resources. To achieve 6 Star compliance, all new homes built with a timber-floor construction must:

•   meet a 6 Star House Energy Rating for the building fabric PLUS
•   include either a rainwater tank for sanitary flushing or solar hot water system.

Achieving the requirements for 6 Star with AccuRate-based software is not hard. Below are some tips on how to achieve the best results for the least outlay. For a graphical representation of the various options for reaching 6 Star, view the lightweight home solutions interactive diagram.

For further information, please visit the Victorian Building Commission web site.

Top techniques for improving the calculated efficiency rating to reach 6 Star in each climate zone

table showing techniques for improving efficiency rating

Source: Commissioned by the Australian Government's Forest & Wood Products
Research & Development Corporation, Energy Partners 2007 report:
Rules of thumb for attaining 6 Star energy rating for timber-floored dwellings