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6 Star timber sub-floors

New homes with suspended timber floors as part of a lightweight design solution provide not only 6 Star efficiency, they also offer consumers, builders, designers and the environment valuable benefits.

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Visit the PDF resources page or web site resources page for more information on the suitability of suspended timber floors and lightweight construction, sustainability issues and ways to achieve 6 Star rating in Victoria.

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While the existing 6 Star Energy Rating requirements for new homes built in Victoria consider the impact of the house's operational energy (heating and cooling), broader environmental and consumer benefits of lightweight timber construction should not be ignored.

Intrinsic benefits that come with 6 Star timber sub-floor homes are the use of a low embodied energy building material, sustainably managed and renewable forest resource as well as avoiding high impact cut & fill methods.

Under new and revised 6 Star Energy Rating software (based on the second generation AccuRate software), such as FirstRate5, most homes with raised timber sub-floors can easily achieve 6 stars through simple, smart design and good construction methods, giving home owners the best of both worlds – a light environmental impact and a thermally comfortable 6 Star home.